Check out my “omnivore-approved” curated list of go-to vegan recipes with my two-cents below each. These recipes are either easy, delicious or a combo of both.

Let me know which ones you try by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page!

The Vegan Virgin, xo


Sweet Korean Lentils

  • Easy-peasy
  • Crowd-pleaser and THE most requested recipe of them all!
  • All hail lentils!

Kale, Tomato & Lemon One-Pot Spaghetti

  • Exact measurements and following instructions are key for this to turn out but it’s easy and super delicious
  • This recipe is the only one where I’ll use a ‘regular spaghetti’ (i.e. not rice pasta) because other stuff can get mushy or clumpy.
  •  Skip the parm and put a dash of Herbamare for a little extra zip  right before you chow down
  • Tastes fancy AF but the ingredients are simple

Smoky Bean & Spinach Slider

  • I’m obsessed with these mostly because I love a good burger
  • I throw it all in the food processor and let the machine do all the work
  • Often-times, I am too lazy to cook rice and don’t always have bread crumbs so I substitute organic corn flakes to help stuff “stick together”

Mushroom and Lentil Wellington

  • Fancy and delicious but slightly more effort involved
  • Pro-Tip: make the filling ahead of time and save yourself some hassle

Lentil Ragu

  • Holy hell this one is good and easy A+
  • A wee bit sweet for my taste so I cut the sugar but you-do-you boo!
  • I use Newman’s Own Tomato and Basil Pasta sauce and brown rice pasta OR zucchini pasta if I want to feel healthy AF
  • Make this a double batch and throw half in the freezer – your future self will thank-you!


  • Had a mad craving for Trini Doubles the other day so found this gem
  • Finding the right curry is tough so I ended up using a Jamaican curry seasoning and it was workable
  • I was lazy and bought gluten-free vegan bread; you want something soft and bendy
  • I was lazy again and bought chutney (the key is it has to be sweet)
  • Not the same as the Doubles stand in Christ Church, Barbados but just as crave-worthy

Smoky Beans

  • I don’t eat this on toast; I just eat it…normally straight from the pan
  • Hecka easy

Banana Pancakes

  • Add a dash of cinnamon and bam – deliciousness!


  • Slightly more involved recipe but tasty-none-the-less
  • I don’t make too often because I’m lazy and there are a few “steps” to this one


Liquid Gold Salad Dressing

  • This link is to a full salad recipe but what you really want is the salad dressing recipe that’s nestled in there; it’s life changing stuff
  • Put this on plain old leaves and it will taste magical
  • I’ll open up a can of mixed beans, drain, rinse and toss in this stuff and shove in my bag to take wherever I’m going that day – it’s healthy, amazing and I eat it almost every day

Best Stuffing Ever

  • I love stuffing and I love this stuff
  • Instead of buying vegetable stock and having half-open cartons all over the place, I use vegetable stock powder
  • I use vegan gluten-free bread for this recipe; make sure to get the high quality dense tasty kind. Heck, go nuts and get the one with the grains! But whatever you do, don’t get the crumbly styrofoam kind…you know what I mean!

Crispy BBQ Cauliflower

  • Spicy crispy food lovers unite!


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