The Choice We Have

The choice we all have

In previous posts I’ve shared that my choice to go vegan was primarily for the animals…although there are so many other reasons to go vegan! Someone I deeply respect recently said, “There are so many other things going on in the world other than the way animals in the agriculture industry are treated. I would rather do something to help children in poverty. Animals don’t resonate with me as a cause – there are worse things going on in the world like war.”

I think my reaction was something along the lines of, “Uh…yeah, fair…” And then I proceeded to mumble something incoherent and trailed off feeling silly.

What I wish I said about choice

What I didn’t say and what I wish I had said, was this:

I’m not saying animals are more important than innocent children. Personally, I think comparing the “worthiness” of causes accomplishes nothing and ultimately leads to inaction…unless of course the cause is petitioning to give the Brawny man back his mustache…that’s just silly! 

What I am saying is that we have a unique opportunity to create change based on the things that we have direct control over on a regular basis. In the majority of cases, we have direct  (daily) control over:

  • what we eat and,
  • what we purchase.

And these two choices can speak volumes.

When we use our choices to choose vegan products, we are able to make a positive impact on the environment, our own health and for the animals. It is the simplest way for us to create the change we want to see in the world. AND this choice is not costing us more – we’re just changing how and where we spend it. 

I strongly believe there are other causes in the world worth fighting for and, what’s more, we should absolutely be supporting other causes. Get involved and do what you can to make a positive impact on a cause that you are passionate about. The more people working towards positive change the better!!

What causes are you passionate about?

The Vegan Virgin, xo

P.S. I recognize I’ve written this from my perspective; someone who does have the luxury of freedom of choice. I recognize that there are people in this world who, because of their circumstances, health, culture, religion may not have that freedom of choice. To those people – you will never find judgment here 🙂

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