Meatless Monday – have you tried it?

meatless monday

Happy Meatless Monday everyone!

Meatless Monday is an awesome way to try out vegan recipes and test the waters of the vegan lifestyle – it’s non-committal and doesn’t require you to rip the band-aid off in one fell swoop.

The concept is simple; once a week, go meatless.

Pick any day you want (no, it doesn’t have to be Monday – you do you) and check out one of these delicious recipes and go meatless! There are a ton of cookbooks at the ready or better yet, hop over to Pinterest and explore. 

Feeling even more adventurous? Pick your favorite dish and experiment with how to veganize it!! Replace regular cheddar cheese with Daiya, replace eggs with an egg replacer, replace ground beef with lentils – the possibilities are endless!

My experiments at the moment are veganizing pho (Faux Pho!), jerk chicken (Jerk Jackfruit) and doing something similar to a sausage roll (sim-sausage?). [Can you tell I have a thing for alliterations?]

So go ahead, unleash your inner creativity and get cooking. There’s a whole wide world of beautiful vegan recipes out there for you to concoct.

What is your favorite non-vegan dish that you want to see veganized?

The Vegan Virgin, xo

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