5 Things You Must Do After Going Vegan

You’ve decided to go vegan – now what? Here are the top 5 things I recommend every new vegan does:

  1. Tell someone! A lifestyle change is a big decision and telling other people can help you stay accountable and ensure that you stick to your commitment.
  2. Find inspiration in others! Peruse social media to find inspirational vegan chefs, athletes, celebrities, charities and sanctuaries. Discover new recipes, delight in learning which celebs are vegan (Joaquin Phoenix, Peter Dinklage, Sia and the list goes on!) and get involved.
  3. Check-out local eats! Find vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in your area and check them out. Not only will you be supporting local vegan businesses but you’ll also have suggestions at the ready whenever you’re making plans.
  4. Get cooking! Practically anything you loved eating before going vegan can be vegan-ized. Burgers? Yep. Donuts? You betcha. Ragu sauce? Heck yes! Look up vegan recipes for your favorite foods and get cooking – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  5. Practice self-forgiveness. You might not have been expecting this one but there have been times when I honestly thought a product was vegan and was later shocked to learn that it wasn’t. In my case it was cane sugar that used bone char (usually derived from cow bones) to filter and bleach the sugar to it’s perfectly white color. Do your best to stay informed but don’t beat yourself up for an honest mistake – the learning curve isn’t steep and you’ll get the hang of things soon enough!

Welcome to the club my friend – you’re in good company!

The Vegan Virgin, xo

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